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Size 12 oz

Origin: Colombia

Region: Santa Barbara, Antioquia

Producer: Andres Cardona

Farm: Villa Lucia

Varietal: Castillo and Colombia

Elevation: 1650 MASL

Process: Honey

Tasting Notes: Blackberry, Cola, Jasmine

Our first lot from Unblended Coffee is back for year 2 and is out of this world. It is this exporter’s mission to make the career of coffee producer an exciting and fulfilling one. We are excited to work with them!

Andres Cardona is a producer within the PEC, a program dedicated to specialty coffee education. He is currently working on his uncle Felipe’s farm, Villa Lucia. He oversees processing, harvest and cultivation. Unblended describes Andres as “a dreamer and a go getter”. Like many producers, Andres has worked in coffee since he was 12 years old and as a family tradition. His dedication and inquisitive nature have lead him to experimental processes and techniques.

Galaxy is a lot that represents this experimentation. The cherries are picked ripe and immediately depulped without using water. The cherries are then dried in covered patios on raised beds for 1-3 weeks while being constantly rotated to avoid fungal development. The coffee is the washed and prepped for the mill.

When Andres was asked what colors the galaxy remind him of, he answered dark blue and bright yellow. Conveniently these are the colors he associates with this coffee too. We find blackberry, cola, and jasmine - but chocolate, lemon, and cherry are surely present too. Honestly, Dr. Pepper was our first note on the cupping table.

All information provided by Unblended Coffee.