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Size 10 oz

Origin: Honduras

Region: Santa Barbara

Producer: Arnold Paz

Farm: San Jose

Varietal: Gesha

Elevation: 1500 MASL

Process: Natural



Andros of Cima stopped in to see us on his way to cup coffees in Des Moines. Quite fortuitous. San Jose is our first, but not the last coffee we have purchased via Cima. They specialize in connecting roasters like us to producers in Honduras. We sure are glad Andros stopped in!


"The Paz-Mejía family has been growing coffee in theSanta Bárbara region of Honduras for over 140 years and consider these lands to be a sacred representation of their heritage.

Arnold represents the fourth generation of producers and has continued to build his father’s legacy of producing high-quality coffee through his knowledge and background in applied agronomy. Thanks to Arnold, and his family before him, Finca San José has become an exemplary model of sustainability, support and genetic diversity.

By consistently experimenting with production and processing methods, Finca San José constantly delivers quality and consistency, and Arnold’s wildcards never fail to excite for what is yet to come!" - Cima Coffee


Gesha. A rare, low yield genetic varietal - prized for it's complexity, sweetness, and vibrancy. Despite this varietal's stellar reputation, it is always a risk to grow. Low yield, delicate, and susceptible to a host of pests and diseases. We don't bring in a ton of Gesha, but when we do - we are excited about it.

This natural process has everything a fruity coffee drinker craves. Sweetness, juiciness, great acidity.