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At face value we roast coffee, pretty simple. Step inside our warehouse in Ames, IA though and you’ll find sample roasting, cupping, production roasting, brewing, green storage, espresso tech, training, consulting, packaging, design, eating lunch, listening to podcasts, watching tiny desk concerts…you get the idea. We are built on learning about our industry, listening to the people around us, and seeking out new ways to serve our community. Whether it is drinking exciting new coffees, spending time with our people, or working hard to serve our partners, we want to put specialty coffee in the hands of our community.


We are in the relationship business. We strive to partner ourselves with farmers, importers, retailers, and cafes who care as much about their people and their product as we do ours. At the end of the day our success is found in trusting those relationships to put an honest, ethical, and quality product in your hands.


Generally curious about all things. Andrew is passionate about building sustainable relationships around coffee. Starting Windmill in 2017, his goal of growing specialty coffee in Iowa by connecting coffee people everywhere. Roasting, sales, machine repair, product acquisition, logistics. He does it all.

An Iowa State alum and Ames resident, outside of Windmill you can probably find him at the new Burgie’s location in the Somerset neighborhood of Ames. Andrew has done just about every job in the world of coffee service. If you need answers, he’s the source.


Robb is our defacto old coffee guy - sourcing our green coffee, roasting, and maintaining our standards. He also helps with our partners by providing training, maintenance, and consultation. Leaning on over 20 years of industry experience, he has worn many hats and is always happy to help. You’ll find him answering emails and running our social media too.

Robb lives in Des Moines with his wife and two kids. After years in California, Iowa is beginning to feel like home again. He’s a Hawkeye….


Roasting, bagging, making syrups. Jenna is just a dynamo around the warehouse. You wish you had her work ethic.

Catch this central Iowa native going to concerts, auto races, camping, or at the gym. Jenna joined our crew via her time behind bar at Burgie’s. She has pretty much killed it from day 1. We are excited to learn with her. Explore coffee roasting and tasting again. And battle her for control of the warehouse stereo.


New to our team, but not new to working on equipment all across Iowa. We are so excited to count him amongst our crew.

Atlas is helping us stock up with more parts on hand, organize inventory, and step up our water quality game. We hope to serve you better through his experience and expertise.

A rock climber, marathoner, and Des Moines native - Atlas brings a lot to the table. If you’ve not met him yet, we bet you will soon.

Luke WIlson

We welcome Luke Wilson to Windmill Coffee, but he is by no means new to coffee. Steeped in customer service, Luke joins us with experience as a retail barista as well as specialty coffee roaster. Luke willl fit right in as he joins our coffee production and QC team.

Luke is an Iowa native, who when not working at Windmill is loving the outdoors, working out or filling bar shifts at your local cafe.

Coleson Phelps

Coleson joined Windmill spring 2024 while finishing up his degree at ISU. Coleson can generally be found in or around our delivery van in Ames, and throughout the Des Moines metro.

Driving trucks, watching dirt track races, country music festivals, Coleson does it all. If you see him, make sure to say Hi!

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