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Size 12 oz

Origin: Peru

Region: Jaen

Producer: Origin Coffee Lab

Farm: Various

Varietal: Various

Elevation: 1620-1920 MASL

Process: Washed Anaerobic

Tasting Notes: Chamomile, Lemon, Cider


Our first coffee working with Algrano is a real easy drinker from Peru. El Eden landed on our table shortly after Algrano launched in the US. Unlike many broker or importers, Algrano does not buy coffee directly and/or warehouse in the US. They work between roasters like us and producers with communication, sales, and logistics. Supporting communities through training, quality assurance, and shipping. I'm sure you'll see coffees via Algrano in the future.


" EL EDEN is a coffee profile, the name was for a specific process that is typical of a group of farmers. The coffee is fermented in closed sacks before it is depulped. It is a very different coffee from the usual washed coffees in the region. We have been sourcing from this area for 4 years, but the list of producers can fluctuate. El Eden is actually not a terribly remarkable place, with coffee being fairly new to the region. At the end of the valley where this group is, there starts the frontier lands to Ecuador. I would say that this area is a place where we are working to foster farmers so that we can help them with financial stability through our price premiums that we pay. There is a remarkable farm here called La Palestina, where we have seen impressive renovations to the farm that we hope is a model for other people in the region. The major challenge for the coffee production will be consistency in processing methods and broadening understanding of what a well processed coffee should be. Our consistency in buying in the region has shown an improvement in quality, where we look to see lots improve." - Algrano


"Producers immediately after harvesting, make a flotation process to clean debris and remove floaters (low-density fruits) and do a first fermentation in plastic bags for around 24-36 hours, then pass the coffee fruit through mechanical depulpers and do the second fermentation in tanks for another 24-36 hours, depending on the environment temperature. Then, the seeds are washed and dried until the moisture content reaches 9–11%" - Algrano